My iPhone 12 gets hot easily : How to avoid overheating.

The overheating issue has been widespread talk since the release of the iPhone 12. People seem to believe that this does not happen in previous Apple phones.  

Even they plugged the iPhone 12 properly with an Apple charger, charge it with just the right amount of time and is using the phone at a minimal amount of time, the phone still feels warm. We do not have a definite solution from Apple regarding this issue but before getting a new phone item, you may want to try the following to avoid overheating.

  1. Always and use only the an Apple charger.

2. Turn off your 5G. How to do this? Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data options. Select your Voice and Data option. Click the LTE option to switch the default 5G to 4G connectivity.

3. Do a Background App Refresh. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and click Off to disable it.

Above are the things that you can do to avoid overheating of your iPhone 12. Whilst this is an issue that we are still waiting for a permanent solution, the above can help to lower the possibility of your phone getting hot.

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