How to delete Apps on Iphone 12

In the old days, when you press and hold the button of an App, there appear an “X” mark that you can simply click and the App will be removed from your home screen.

Things are much simplier and you are given options now. So here’s how to delete an App on your Iphone 12 using the 3D Touch.

Look for the App you want to delete.

This is located at your homescreen. If you put an App inside a folder on your homescreen, open that folder to locate the App you wish to remove.

Then press and hold the App’s icon/button.

Try to press and hold for few seconds until a window pops up. The window will show all the options that you cans select. Select the “Delete App” option.

A pop-up menu will then appear confirming if you want to delete the App. It will also tell you that  all the data in that particular App will be removed.

The moment you confirmed, the App will be removed from your home screen. There you have it, as simple as that.

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