Compass Not Working on iPhone 12: How to Fix it.

  1. Turn on Compass Calibration

Open Settings > Go to Privacy > Turn on Location Services > Go to System Services > then Enable Compass Calibration

2. Disable “True North” Setting

If the compass on your iPhone is set to show the geographical North it might not work as expected. Here is how to increase its accuracy:

Open Settings > Go to Compass > Disable “Use True North” selection > Click Location > Enable Precise Location

3. Back Tap your iPhone 12

This means that you need a little pressure to shock your iPhone 12 and unfreeze the Compass.

4. Force Restart

If everything else fails, you may do the all-around troubleshoot that solved a lot of phone issues, force restart.

Click Volume Up button > Release > Click Volume Down button > Release > Press the Side Button for few minutes until the Apple logo appears.

Now, open the Compass App and it should be back to functioning.

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