Experiencing echo problems on your iPhone 12 : Here’s how to fix it.

We cannot guarantee that a device won’t have any issues even though there is advancement of technology. It will be flawed in some ways. One of the most common complaint that we hear people are talking about is that their new iPhone 12 has some echo issues.

It sounds technical, you can even go directly to the conclusion that it can be a manufacturer’s fault. And trust me, we know that this issue is annoying.

To fix the iPhone 12 echo problem, you need to do the following. This will help with the issue, and if it doesn’t then it is time to show it to a technician/Apple Support.

Here it is.

  1. Turn the speaker on and off. This will reset the speaker.
  2. Disconnect any connected headset from the device.
  3. If Bluetooth is on, turn it off. Sometimes this interferes with the sound that causes the echo.
  4. Reboot. This in most cases solves the issue.

Yes, this are the simple steps that you can do to remove the echo issues. Anything beyond this can be a technical issue.

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