Iphone 12 Not Ringing: How to Fix it

There are a couple of reasons why your iPhone 12 doesn’t ring. If you happen to experience this, try to troubleshoot your iPhone by doing the following.

  1. Double Check if your iPhone 12 is on Mute.

Go to Settings > Sounds and Haptic > check if ringer is on mute.

2. Force Quit Settings.

Enter App Switcher and close the Settings card to force close the App. From the Home Screen, click on Settings  and check if the ringer volume is showing the correct level.

3. Reboot.

Simply turn OFF your iPhone 12 and turn it back ON. Click Volume Up button > Release > Click Volume Down button > Release > Press the Side Button for few minutes until the Apple logo appears.

4. Disable Face ID Attention Aware Features

Open Settings > Scroll to Face ID & Passcode > Input passcode to access Settings > Disable Attention Aware Features.

5. Update your software.

If you are still having trouble with your ringer, check if your software is updated to iOS 14.2.

Note that there have been issues circulating online about iPhone 12 ringer and alerts. If the problem continues, you may want to seek help of Apple Support.

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