iPhone 12 Yellow Screen: How to fix it.

Is there a time that you notice that your iPhone 12 have turned a little bit warmer tone colour than usual? Something more of a yellow colour.

This is very usual and a lot had experience the same thing so no need to worry. This can easily be fixed in the Colour Filters  settings app. Here’s how you can do this.

First you need to check/test your iPhone 12 Yellow Screen:

1. Disable True Tone (Settings -> Display & Brightness -> True Tone – Turn Off).

2. Turn Off Dark Mode (Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Dark Mode – Disable)

3. Open Settings.

4. Double check with a different iPhone. Compare to an older than iPhone 12 with the same setting if the colour is more yellow.

Now, here’s how to fix the Yellow Screen after testing it:

1. Open Settings.

2. Browse for Accessibility.

3. Tap on Display and Text Size.

4. Scroll for Color Filters.

5. Enable Color Filters and tap on Colour Tint.

6. Move the hue slider to reduce the yellow tone of your display.

Please use the steps above if you need to set up the colour of your screen to your preference.

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