iPhone 12 not charging with Magsafe: How to fix it.

We understand that it’s very frustrating when you found out that your new Apple Magsafe wireless charger that you purchased is not working properly with your iPhone 12. After spending tons of money to get your phone updated to iPhone 12, this is unacceptable. But you are not the only one experiencing this, others do.

It seems that other people are able to fix this by updating to iOS 14.2. However, there is no confirmation that software update is the solution. Others believe that it is due to poor manufacturing.

Either way, something has to be done. At the moment, troubleshooting is all we can do.

  1. You may want to change a power outlet. It can be caused by a simple power supply shortage.
  2. Reboot you iPhone 12 and use the force restart option. You may check the steps on force restart here (https://iphone12.es/en/hard-reset-hard-reboot-iphone-12/)
  3. Use the same Magsafe wireless charger to charge another iPhone and check if the charger is the problem.

If these troubleshooting hacks doesn’t work with your iPhone 12 and your Magsafe Wireless Charger, it’s time to get hold of Apple Technical Support.

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