The microphone of my iPhone 12 is not working: How to fix it

Many believed that having that cool and beautiful cases guarantees their phone protection. While this is true in most cases, this can be one of the reasons why your iPhone 12 microphone is not working.

Alright, so what should you do if the microphone is not working. We got your back, here are simple ways that you can do first to make your microphone back to normal functions.                                                           

  1. Clean the microphone. Those little particles of dust can be the reason why the sound is blocked.
  2. Disconnect Bluetooth. If you are not using Bluetooth, chances are that this can cause sound distortion while using your phone.
  3. Check if your phone case or your phone protector is blocking the microphone.
  4. Noise cancellation can also be the cause of the sound distortion. This is not usually but if it is, go to ‘Settings” > “Sounds & Haptics” > “System Haptics”

There you have it. Technical issue can also be the cause. If this is the situation, it’ll be best to consult with Apple Support.

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