My iPhone 12 won’t rotate. How to fix this?

It’s always great when there is something like a default assist by the phone. That you do not have to manually do things. That’s what is cool about iPhone 12. It rotates automatically on the direction you’re holding it. For example, if you’re holding it horizontally, you will get a landscape screen. And if you hold your phone vertically, you will have a portrait screen.

What if this feature suddenly is not working? Here’s what you can do about it. It’s a very easy fix.

  1. Go to the Control Centre. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the lock and arrow icon to turn off rotation lock.
  3. Go back to your home screen and test if the auto-rotate is now working. Try it on the Apps on your phone or even the Messages.

In case that you want to lock the rotate function, you can do the opposite. Lock the rotate icon. Please note that this function is not applicable to all the Apps on your phone. There will be Apps that are not supported by this feature.

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