I can’t charge my iPhone 12 battery

Running out of battery is a bummer, especially if you’re trying to charge your iPhone and you just can’t. Your phone can´t charge due to different reasons, and you can do the following to solve out the problem.

1. Check the cable

  • Verify that it is well plugged and connected .
  • Verify that the cable is not broken or dusty and that the connection to the iPhone is clean.
  • If that cable doesn’t work try another .

2. Check your energy source

If the cable is OK, maybe the plug , the power adapter , or the wireless charger maybe are the ones that are not working. Try another outlet and if you think the problem could be with the adapter or the wireless charger, connect the cable directly to a computer to see if it charges.

3. Restart your iPhone

A simple restart usually fixes the loading problems.

4. Cool your iPhone

If your iPhone has become too hot (for example, by leaving it exposed to the sun for a long time) it may not complete charges .

Let it cool down before charging because this would cause it to reheat again and try it when it has cooled down.

If none of this has worked, it’s time to visit an Apple Store to see if your battery is faulty .

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