My videos on iphone 12 changes color when sent via facebook messenger: how to fix it

Sometimes when sending videos recorded on the new iPhone 12 via facebook messages, the recipient gets the video, but the images are in beige and much much lighter color, rather than the actual video color. Though audio comes through just fine. It is a very curious issue, because videos sent via What’s up goes through perfectly, thus we have these thoughts that such issue might have to do with facebok messenger only. Some even says size of video may give this kind of effect, around 1:3 for example.

It is very frustrating, as many had raise this issue and hoping that an IOS update can fix it. There have been some complaints raise to apple support on its discussion site and hoping fix can be done the soonest. After all, one of the greatest feature of iphone 12 is its improved camera and resolution for creating better videos to share and save for a memory to last.

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