My iPhone 12 caller id is broken

Sometimes we cannot or do not want to answer a call from a certain person at a certain time, which is why the caller ID is very useful. If your iPhone 12 has stopped showing who is calling you, you can try the following solutions:

1. Restart your iPhone 12

If the phone was working properly and suddenly stopped showing who’s calling, a simple reboot (power cycle) can return it to normal operation.

After turning it off and on again, ask for a test call. If your caller ID still doesn’t work, try the following.

2. Contact your operator

You may have some restrictions or have to update the services of your account. Some companies have the option to hide your ID and this could be the reason why you do not see who is calling you. Contact your operator and explain the problem.

If after contacting your operator the problem persists, we will try to solve it from your device. Continue reading.

3. Update the configuration of your operator

Outdated settings can cause Caller ID to not work. So we’re going to update it manually in case that’s the problem.

Go to Settings> General> About. After a few seconds the details of the operator configuration update will appear. Follow all the steps that are indicated and at the end restart your iPhone 12 and make a test call. If it hasn’t worked either, read on.

4. Reset your iPhone 12 to factory settings

It is the most drastic solution but the one that usually works best for all problems with your iPhone 12. Of course, extract from your mobile everything you want to keep before running it because you will lose all the data stored on the phone. The steps are the following:

  • From Start go to Settings> General> Reset
  • Select the option Clear all content and settings.
  • Enter the password and confirm the factory reset.
  • Restart your iPhone 12
  • Set up your iPhone 12 like it’s brand new.

I hope this post has helped you to fix your iPhone 12 caller ID problem.

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