The facial recognition (Face ID) of my iPhone 12 doesn’t work

Face ID of your iPhone 12 is really useful and not only to unlock it. Face ID is also used to authorize actions such as making a purchase extremely quickly. That’s why it’s really a bummer if it stops working or doesn’t recognize you. We are going to show you how you can fix it.

Check your Face ID settings

Go to Settings> Face ID and Code and check that it is activated and correctly configured.

Check the camera

Make sure that the TrueDepth camera of the iPhone 12 is not covered (case, dirt, etc).

Clear your face

A cap, a scarf, sunglasses … All these accessories can confuse your iPhone 12 and cause it not to recognize you. Clear your face so they know it’s you.

If due to circumstances your appearance has changed a lot, you can add an alternative aspect so that it continues to recognize you. It is done like this:

  1. Go to Settings> Face ID and passcode.
  2. Tap Set an alternate look.
  3. Look directly at the iPhone and move your head to complete the circle that you will see on the screen. You will have to do it twice and then press OK.

Hold the iPhone well and position yourself correctly

Hold your iPhone 12 vertically and face the TrueDepth camera as if you were going to take a selfie and don’t get it too close to you.

Reboot the device

A simple reboot can refresh your iPhone 12 and get your Face ID working properly again.

Check for updates

Make sure your iPhone is updated with the latest version of iOS.

Reset Face ID

If you still haven’t succeeded, reconfigure it: Go to Settings> Face ID and code> Reset Face ID> Set up Face ID.

If after performing all these steps your iPhone 12 still does not recognize your face, you should go to an Apple Store to have it checked.

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